Many thanks for all the support!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for the support over the past few years. 2014 and 2015 have been very difficult in regards to making art and sustaining my art practice. My studio at 1776 East Georgia no longer exists and was forced to close nearing October 2014. Due to circumstances, I have not been able to find a studio and am currently working at home. The search for a new studio continues although currently, my work studio is working out. I will not be able to participate in the East Side Culture Crawl since I am out of the Crawl territory; however, eventually I will find my way back....


I have donated a painting to the silent auction of the annual fundraiser of the


Please buy your tickets and take part in this spectacular event!!


It' EASTSIDE CULTURE CRAWL season again!! November 16th - 18th @ 1776 East Georgia Street (my studio)


I apologize for not posting very often or regularly for that matter

MAIN STREET DRIFT, I will be showing my art at

FORSYA BOUTIQUE : 2206 Main Street (located at 6th and Main) September 28th - 30th, 2012

Forsya Boutique

It's a beautiful clothing store run by the always stylish Ms. Julie Hebb and her wonderful staff..

Come Check it Out!




Gentille Alouette is a small clothing, and jewellry boutique

located in historic Gastown of Vancouver, BC. The Owner, Eliza Lau,

has agreed to carry my masks for the upcoming fall season. Perhaps, this

will create some buzz, especially heading into the Halloween time of year.

Click on the store name for the Web Page.


I will be involved in the Main Street Drift this year, which occurs on October 1 - 3.

The retailer that I have been paired with is call Red Galleria,

located on E. 6th and Main street. Just click on the store name

to connect to the store's Web Page. I will be showcasing my Tree City Series,

plus some of my Surreal Skies Paintings.


The Eastside Culture Crawl occurs on November 26 - 28 this year.

As in previous years, my studio space, Georgia Jackson Studio,

will be open to the public for three days of studio crawling

and open retail. Please join us to see some locally made art

and refreshments. You will be able to see works that I had in Forsya Boutique

and some of my Crane Personifications. As well as the beginnings of

my stencil shirts which I apologize for taking so long to get off the ground...


AS WELL, here is a link to my facebook photo album/webpage.

I update it more often, and it has an assortment of

my PHOTOSHOP Projects from various commissions....






Check it out!!:

The Results of the L'Arche Foundation Fundraiser. It was a pleasure to be part of something for a good cause.

In addition, I received a great response for the Art piece that I submitted.



I have recently updated the website with pictures of the paintings being shown at Forsya Gallery

The Rose Series and The Marble and Agate Series

in addition I have Pictures of my Masks - finally up

Come Check Out My Work!!

Some pieces are being shown in a small gallery/boutique on Main Street

FORSYA Gallery and Boutique

2206 Main Street @ 6th avenue

Vancouver BC Canada. I will have photos of the paintings up very soon


The countdown to the crawl is coming fast... although it is still two months away.

New updates to the website are the following paintings: Aware, 2009 and View 2

As well I have added a new section labelled "Portrait Commissions" which will catalogue

portraits that I have done in the past several years.

Crow Mask, 2009

please come by the studio and support local artists...

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